Mary Siskaninetz

Chair of Student Rights & Interests Committee

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Ramya Donthireddy

Director Gender-Based Violence Prevention

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Alex Madzia

Director of Scholarships

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Kyle Shuja

Chair of Campus Life


Skanda Balu

Director of Transportation

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Cassidy Peebles

Chair of Gov Affairs

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Cameron Wright

Director of Community Affairs

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Kabeer Kler

Director of Int'l Student Affairs

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Caroline Lembright

Co-Chair of E & I

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Sivani Alla

Co-Director of Academic Affairs

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Amari Thomas

Co-Directors of Health and Wellness

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Karl Dierking

Director of Athletics & Spirit

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Chrissy Horton

Director of Sustainability

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Madeline Sterling

Director of City Relations

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Ryan Cook

Director of State Policy

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Jamyra Jett

Director of Accessibility Services

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Michael Frederick

Director of LGBTQ Affairs

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Ashton Rock

Director of Veterans’ Affairs

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Ben Leonardi

Co-Director of Academic Affairs

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Michael Charlton

Co-Directors of Health and Wellness

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Josh Cramer

Director of Campus Services

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Reiley Cowart

Director of Federal Policy

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Audrey Acomb

DAAP Senator

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Mindy Bediako

Co-Chair of E & I

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Fallon Massie

Director of Women's Affairs

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Rashauna Rainey

Director of African American Student Affairs